Simple, reliable and cost-efficient storage - HPE Alletra 5000 delivers speedy, consistent performance with guaranteed 6x9s data availability1 and Triple+ Parity RAID.

Built for cloud

  • Maximize agility: 99% operational time savings for IT2
  • Accelerate innovation: Reduce app provisioning time from days to minutes for line-of-business owners and developers3


  • Accelerate apps: Achieve up to 25% faster performance than previous HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays6
  • Reduce costs: Save up to 5 times space with advanced data reduction


  • Reduce risk: 99.9999% Availability Guarantee4
  • Transform support: 86% issues predicted and resolved, 85% less time spent5

1,2,4,5 HPE Storage Substantiation
3 Comparison of infrastructure lifecycle management of HPE Alletra vs. ESG Market Research, April 2021
6 25% higher performance for 4K random 50% Read / 50% Write workload for HPE Alletra 5030 and 5050

Introducing the new HPE Alletra 5000 | Chalk Talk

Say hello to the newest member of the HPE Alletra family - HPE Alletra 5000 - with everything you love about the HPE Nimble Storage experience. Tune in to Chalk Talk to get the lowdown on how the flash performance and disk economics of its ultra-efficient architecture do wonders for your general-purpose workloads.

Find out why you can count on HPE Alletra 5000 - powered by the DNA of the HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash - in more ways than one.

What Drives HPE Alletra’s Mission-Critical Workload Capabilities?

Powered by an ultra-efficient architecture, HPE Alletra 5000 ensures a fast, powerful performance. Enjoy reliable hybrid storage for your general purpose and secondary workloads.

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