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For businesses that need real-time performance and immediate action at the edge

Get Closer to The Edge

HPE Edgeline brings business right next to the source of action. The things at the edge, such as machines on the manufacturing floor and security cameras on campuses, embody and generate useful information rapidly. Teams need to work fast to capture opportunities by analysing this data as quickly as it is produced. By converging operational technology (OT) and IT in rugged devices, HPE Edgeline grants the ability to do so. Now, businesses can optimise operations, redefine employee experiences, improve customer satisfaction, and differentiate business models swiftly.

Edge Computing: From the Edge to the Core to the Edge

Edge computing is a bit unique in the realm of technology, leveraging the strength and value of other digital technologies while crossing and blurring the barrier between traditional operational groups and information technology groups. To gain a better sense of the drivers, barriers, and adoption rates for edge computing technology, this survey was designed to identify the factors influencing and shaping the use of edge computing within the enterprise today.

Three Points of Convergence in One Device

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems are engineered for the harsh edge environment: compact, low-energy and rugged. Infrastructures come with various mounting options and are resistant to shock, vibration, and high temperatures (of up to 70°C).

Unprecedented Edge computing

Deep compute, open standards

  • Up to 64 Intel Xeon cores
  • Hot-plug compute options
  • High-performance GPU
  • Open, Industry Standards

A unique integration of precise data capture and control

  • Deep data ingest
  • "Things" control

Keep business-critical applications running and fast

  • Remote maintenance and configuration updates
  • HPE "Integrated Lights Out" systems/device management

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems Family

HPE Edgeline brings businesses closer to data, allowing them to respond to changes in realtime. Edgeline-based solutions are compatible with a wide range of customer use cases, such as analytics and artificial intelligence, industrial and manufacturing, telecommunications and media, and remote and mobile workplaces. The Edgeline family offers entry-level and enterprise-standard infrastructure.

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Addressing Economic Challenges

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